Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ah... Ahem.

I apologize for my absence. It wasn't exactly... planned. At first I was merely busy with all sorts of things. Then well... some things happened let's just say and I went off to obtain mental health.

I've been becoming increasingly agitated and paranoid for no determinable reason. I sort of itch for something and I just can't seem to scratch it. I've tried everything. Sex, alcohol, companionship, music, reading, everything. I'm not entirely sure what is going on but I can feel myself losing it very slowly over time.

I've talked to all sorts of mental health practitioners. Psychologist, psychiatrists, medical doctors, even a few doctors of various cultures and nothing has helped or has given me piece from this tickle in the back of my mind.

So looking back upon my peoples this can mean two things. One, that one of my own kind is nearby which...  is a little concerning I guess. There's only three or four of us left. Or two, it's not something physical or tied to my own body or mind in any way and is, in fact, some external force of some sort.

Just about every possibility is very concerning and he outcomes are mostly negative.

Aside from my own mental health concerns, Melissa is doing well. She seems a bit on edge but then again she always seems a bit on edge for any given reason. We have had problems here and there with well you know who but nothing serious.

Well I must be going.

Carry on.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goodbye Farewell

Dysis and Lia have left my abode today off on their merry ways. Such a shame too I really enjoyed having them and Melissa seemed to enjoy Dysis's presence very much. Hee hee...

Ah, it was lovely though. Very lovely.

Though there's something about Lia. Something about her I couldn't put my finger on that reminded me of something. It sort of reminded me of home. I'm not sure why. It's probably nothing. Nothing at all.

Still just a little strange. I never really had a home now did I?

Oh well.

Carry On,


Monday, January 30, 2012


We're going to go on adventures through time and space together. Well, I guess, technically we're always moving through time and space but yes there will probably be some adventures. 

I'm getting a few visitors soon and we're going to have a jolly time. Which is positively lovely because I've very lonely and very bored as of late. A combination which usually leads to people making very awful decisions.

Just thought I should let you all know in case any sort of tomfoolery erupts from the meeting of such cosmic giants. Perhaps I'm getting a little too sarcastic? Ah well it's best I stop now before even more of the wine begins talking even more. I'm not a stereo you know? If I was one I'd be a record player because they are classy as fuck.

Carry on


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hmmm news.

So this little shit came back.

I'm just kidding. It's lovely to have Konaa back. Lia is ecstatic but unfortunately her father was caught up in a confrontation. She was very upset about it. I can't imagine it but thankfully Konaa is there to help out.

You better not die again. Or I swear I will hunt you down myself in the after life and slap the shit out of you.

In other news~ It's been winter break for Melissa. Yaaaay. She had a lovely time with her family and we had a lovely time together on New Years drinking champagne and passing out before midnight.

Anyways, I think I may have remembered hte location of that dream from far back. I remember it being in gardens. But it was obviously in the desert. Perhaps Assyria or Babylon?

I would have just been a child if I recall correctly. In Greece I was a teenager at least in a mature sense. It's hard to tell though. I drank a lot of wine back then and had many men and women around.

Well I hope I do remember more.

In the mean time I hope you all take care.

Carry On.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Feel As Though I Made A Mistake

There's a reason why I never make friends with people of the mortal coil. Mainly because they always end up, well... hitting the length of their mortality. And then they're gone. It's not like in comic books where someone just shows up a few months later and everything goes back to normal. They are gone forever.

I learned this early on. I remember someone taking care of me as a child. Being kind to me and teaching me as I grew and then one day they were just gone and I was alone again like before. I was born, which in my species is not common. From my understanding and brief exchanges with others there were very few of us who could actually reproduce and I never new my parents.

Then there's Eric. Sweet Eric. He was gone as well and it seemed far too soon. I even watched over him his whole life and he was gone. Same thing happened with his children, and his chidrens' children and so forth.

Jessie. Darling Jessie is gone now as well. I don't blame anyone but the tall one fr her death but still, even when I am hit hard I don't fall. Human's are strong but they are also fragile. Mostly in the sense that what they are going up against is a monster.

Konaa faced it down like it was a dragon to be slain, but his bravery was only knocked down by a snake in a person's skin. Konaa fought hard and he fought for a long time and his bravery and determination was probably ten times that of most who I have seen try to face down the face less one. He really was like an anime character. 

But so swiftly he was taken from us, and even I feel a bit of loss because of it.

So I think of Melissa and what could become of her defying all those who wish to take her freedom from her. Just how long does she have before she's lost and I can't ever see her again?

Oh well... I'll try and find a way...

Carry on


I wish there was something I could dislike about all of you.

But there is nothing I can find.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Our dear Jessie is gone and I'll try and honor her as best I can with these clumsy words.

Jessie only stayed with me a week... but it was one of the most wonderful weeks of my life. In the strange bundle of confusion I call my memories it is one that I'm sure will stand out.

Jessie didn't judge me. Jessie didn't question what I was or what I did. She was kind and wanted nothing more than to make someone happy and she succeeded with me. A short girl with tan skin and long long hair pulled back into those braids.

She had a smile that could light up a room and tears that could tear down walls.

Jessie was much more than she appeared to be and she never deserved anything that happened to her. I don't blame David for anything. I don't blame Jessie for wanting this. I only wish that she's at peace now.

I'm not one to talk about religion or the afterlife but I'd like to believe that fore people like Jessie. People who are good and full of nothing but love; I hope they only get what they wish for in death that they could not have in life.

I will always remember her and as always I will move on. Tonight, however, I will keep my thoughts of her close.

It is the least I could do...

Carry on.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween and Hospitals

Sorry its been a little while my dears. I was caught up with and then recovering from Halloween.

You know how it goes. Went to a couple clubs a few parties with Melissa and then we decided we should trick or treat. She's such a silly girl sometimes but it was fun none the less.

I broke off the horns and filed them down. I decided I was tired of covering them up.

Anyways, haven't had any dreams that were out of the ordinary. I've been trying to remember what I saw but I can't really decipher it. Its all very confusing. I would like to thank A. Lucia Cat for her help in deciphering.

Yesterday, Melissa was at the hospital. She's in wonderful health and not sick at all. She was merely visiting a family member. I gave her a ride and decided to wait for her if she needed something. It reminded me of how much I hate hospitals.

Well mostly I don't enjoy being around sick people. The girl I was sitting next to was quite peculiar. She had multi-colored hair and a bad cough. Her eye was also blackened and she had a split lip. I offered her a cough drop and she turned it down. It seemed as though she had lost her voice. I'm now thankful its very hard for me to get sick.

Anyways, Melissa's family seems fine as does Melissa. She seems to be in better spirits than last time. No signs of the faceless one as of late. No threats or anything. Been fairly quiet.

I've been talking to Hylocereus and her partner on and off about the coded posts. We haven't beenable to break the cipher but I'm not ready to just give up.

Anyways, thought I should keep you all up to date.

Carry on,