Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ah... Ahem.

I apologize for my absence. It wasn't exactly... planned. At first I was merely busy with all sorts of things. Then well... some things happened let's just say and I went off to obtain mental health.

I've been becoming increasingly agitated and paranoid for no determinable reason. I sort of itch for something and I just can't seem to scratch it. I've tried everything. Sex, alcohol, companionship, music, reading, everything. I'm not entirely sure what is going on but I can feel myself losing it very slowly over time.

I've talked to all sorts of mental health practitioners. Psychologist, psychiatrists, medical doctors, even a few doctors of various cultures and nothing has helped or has given me piece from this tickle in the back of my mind.

So looking back upon my peoples this can mean two things. One, that one of my own kind is nearby which...  is a little concerning I guess. There's only three or four of us left. Or two, it's not something physical or tied to my own body or mind in any way and is, in fact, some external force of some sort.

Just about every possibility is very concerning and he outcomes are mostly negative.

Aside from my own mental health concerns, Melissa is doing well. She seems a bit on edge but then again she always seems a bit on edge for any given reason. We have had problems here and there with well you know who but nothing serious.

Well I must be going.

Carry on.