Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Crunch

Melissa showed up at my home the other night bruised and battered. I asked her who had done this to her. She responded by saying it was a proxy. Someone who wanted to intimidate her back into the service of the faceless one. I gave her my first aid kit and asked her for a description.

He was traveling with two women and was wearing a green sweatshirt with an operator symbol stitched onto the back and shoulders. Typical. I asked her where she had been when it happened. She told me and then told me she had given him a slit lip and a black eye fighting back. Then, much to her protests, I left and followed their footsteps.

I used to be a hunter you know? Its just what we had to do to survive. So finding a man laughing loudly with a split lip and black eye and two women was not hard. On the way I grabbed a claw hammer from a construction sight and followed them till they turned a corner. When I looked he was in an alley way harassing someone else.

I grabbed one of the women and threw her into a dumpster and shut it. The other scampered away. He turned too look at me but I grabbed him by his hood and made him. Before he could react, I pinned his hand onto the wall and smashed his thumb with the hammer.


He let out a yell and I moved onto his index finger.


Then after that each of his other fingers until they were twisted and deformed.

A break. A snap. A wet crack.

He was whimpering when I flipped the hammer in my hand so I was holding the head in my hand and I smashed it into his face then grabbed his jaw. I drew close and muttered to him.

"You go near the delivery girl again..." and I held up the claw end so he could see it clearly. "I'll take out each of your eyes with this."

Then I hit him again with the blunt end and then left the alley way. I've never felt so livid in my life. Not even when I was wronged in the past did I feel that angry. It felt good though, to make sure Melissa would be safe from at least one more person.

I understand that proxies are not normally this brutal but he was a thug and someone needed to silence him. He came near my friend so he had to pay the price. I hope any, proxy or not, understand that.

If not. Just take a look at that man's fingers.

They look like a piece of modern sculpture now.

Melissa is fine now though. Just a few bumps and bruises that were easily remedied with some band-aids and aspirin as well as some slightly burnt cookies. She seemed grateful despite that. And I was mostly happy to see the smile on her face return.

Anyways, as always.

Carry on.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

All that Glitters Is Goooold

Hmm... not much to report in the past few days. Mostly just relaxing. Writing down my thoughts. Reading. Having book fights with Melissa.

By the way those are fun but not very safe. Just in case any of you children wanted to have one.

Anyways, Melissa's been hanging around more, because, and I quote, "You turn into a sad panda when no one is around. All you do is curl up and eat."

Okay so that is pretty true actually. I have been feeling a bit lonely since Jessie left. Melissa's been nice enough to fill the gap though. She even brings me food sometimes.

Also she likes old movies. Which I thoroughly enjoy. I've also been weaning her into horror movies as of late. Though, there is enough horror in her life. She seems to enjoy the horribly made ones. I can't argue I don't enjoy watching them and adding commentary on every terribly put together scene that comes up.

Melissa's been acting a little strange as of late... a little less spunky. I'm not sure why. I haven't asked yet. But I think, perhaps, its her condition improving some. The school year as also started up a new semester. 

Poor girl, she works so hard, and all so that we're proud of her. Well I certainly am.

Anyways, right now I'm just relaxing and waiting. Pretty content with things.

As always, Carry on.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner's Napkin Notes

You know what I love?

When I remember things.

Ahaha I remember now. I remember many many things now.

I will explain these later at the appropriate time.

Otherwise I have some people to talk to. I have old flames I need to quell before I can move on with things. A sort of goal to meet. A prize to obtain, if you will. And I hope it will be satisfying.

Hitting up bars just isn't doing it for me anymore, if you haven't noticed. Its just boring now. I need more than just a normal person to satiate me. Its just not the same. So I guess I should kill two birds with one stone and send out a proposition while I'm still in the mood.

I believe Sellers and I should get into contact with each other. I believe I have something... well actually a few things you would want, darling. Information and lets say... company.

So whenever you can, no rush, I suggest you stop by New York and pay me a visit so we can get to know each other a little better and hopefully get a little help with your predicament.


Carry on


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sad Face

So Jessie left today. Poor girl, she's been so wonderful.

She made me cookies that I'm eating right now on my floor watching kitten videos.

Jessie's done so good and I'm happy to see her smiling more. I can only wish her the best on her travels. She's been wonderful.

Jessie you are welcome to come back any time you need to unless I am otherwise indisposed.

It's strange you know? I have to kill humans to survive. I have to steal their lives away and yet I cannot live without them. I need them to not feel alone. Feeling alone is my worst feeling. I feel like a gerbil and if I get lonely I'll die or something.

I'm going to go out tonight and trying to remember things. Trying to not feel sick when I looking in their eyes.

Their eyes are so empty. Those men and women.

But I need this. I need something. Even if it hurts I need to feel like there is someone around.

I don't know what I'm looking for anymore. I need something more. I need someone more.


We will see if I will find that.

For now having friends like Jessie and Melissa is enough.

Carry On.