Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ohmygawd I love you rum

Heee oh rum. Rum rum ruuum.

Oh man Jessie says I shouldnt post but I wanna. So I am. What now huh?

Sorry sorry I love you, Jessie. Love love love. Wanna know who else I...

well not love but there's someone else I really like. Wanna know? Eh? Eeeeh? Well too bad. I'm not tellin you.


Oh man I wish hethey were here. The things I would do tothim. ahaha oh dear. Sometimes i wonderabout myself oh wellll

I lov eyou guys.

Aaaugh oh man. I would fuck you in a heart beat


Anywaaays. At least I'm happy riiight? Jessie's a bit better hmmm. Thats good. she's so sweet so kind
such agood girl. I only hope I am making her hapy

Time for me to sleep. Sleepety sleeep

carry On


Sunday, August 28, 2011

A House Guest

I have have lovely house guest over now so there will be no notes for a little while while I take care of her.

Jessie's been through a lot. Poor girl.

I hope she does enjoy herself while here. I'm going to try my best to cheer her up. If anyone deserves it, it's her. It going to be hard though but she's determined and I think that is wonderful...

So I'm going to keep her safe while she's here and make sure she leaves here feeling better than when she arrived.

It's the least I could do for someone so kind.

As always, Carry on.


Thursday, August 25, 2011


Fuck everything.

I decided to get creative and write down as many languages I knew the word 'fuck' in. (Yes 'frak' is a Battlestar Galactica reference. Don't you look at me like that. It was a good show.)

I can't stand it anymore. I can't fucking take this.

There's fucking nothing. Nothing about them anymore. Nothing makes me happy. I look at them and I feel nothing but sick, but when I look at their eyes

What am I looking for? What is it?

I don't know anymore. I don't know.  I dont' know what I'm looking for. But I feel like I have a goal, but I don't know what it is.

But there's a memory attached to it. I am trying to find the significance in it. Trying to remember through all the wine and confusion and the sex. Fucking Greece. At least being part of Dionysus's cult was fun. Oooh yes I had some adventures back then...

Auugh my readers. Just ignore my minor meltdown. Its trivial. Its pointless...

I hope you are all doing well. Especially you Jessie, dear. You poor thing... I can only wish and hope and pray for you to be alright.

Carry on

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Interview With A Delivery Girl

I finally sat down with the delivery girl, Melissa, that I see often and asked her some questions. She said her favorite color was purple and thus her text will be said color

How old are you?

I’m freshly turned 20. Just a week ago!

Do you have any family?

Yeah. I have my mom and my dad and a mess of cousins and aunts and uncles. My grandmamma passed away a few years ago though…

That’s a shame. Do you live with them at all?

Nope! I’m all on my own right now! Got  a nice little apartment. They help me with rent and stuff but I also pay for a part of it.

Are you working or in school right now?

I’m doing both! I do classes during the day. I’m doing mostly general education right now. I’m not exactly sure what I want to go into but I like history a lot! I think it’d be fun. 

And at night I do a lot of odd jobs. There are a couple restaurant I help clean up an close, the antique shop of course which you see me delivering for, and a paper route every couple of days.

How’d you come to work at the antiques shop?

My grandmother knew the owner and some antiques and books are really fragile, so they don’t like having postal companies deliver if they’re local. So they hired me. I’m pretty good at getting around the city really fast!

How many deliveries do you make a night?

Well I work periodically every Monday, Wednsday, and Friday I deliver and usually I end up in nearly every part of the city at some point when doing so. Sometimes I use the subway and sometimes I use… uh… other ways.


Oh uhm… I do this thing called uh. I think they call it free running or parkour… I was on the track team in high school and did really really good. Like, that’s how I got my scholarship to my school! Well I like it. It keeps me in shape and you get to see a lot of the city other people don’t.

What kinds of hobbies do you have?

Well I read a lot. I tried knitting but uhm… that didn’t work out.  Ha ha…

What kinds of genres do you like?

Oh I love action, and adventure, and fantasy! Sometimes scifi! I really like stories with heroes! Its hard to find them in real life you know? Not a lot of theme exist…

Do you have a blog?

Nope! I’m too busy to maintain one unfortunately! I read them from time to time though.

How long have you read the blogs?

Only a couple months now. Another uh… affected person mentioned them. So I decided to go check them out. Its crazy what this has done to some people!

When did this all start for you?

I want to say… a year or two ago?

How did your first meeting with the faceless one happen?

I’m not sure what caused it… but a friend of mine was talking about a guy in a business suit stalking her.  She was really scared! But then I started getting glimpses of him from time to time, finally one night I was heading downstairs for a midnight snack when I looked out one of our windows and there he was… just… standing there…

What kind of effects or symptoms did you have?

Oh uhm… well first I was just sick from time to time. I had a cough but it went away. Then eventually I got headaches and I started losing patches in my memory. I started to get really fatigued too. Like I kept having weird dreams about running around and doing stuff and I’d wake up sore and tired.

Eventually I found out what was happening…

And what was that?

He was taking control of me at night. Telling me to do stuff, run here, run there but then I started to break away from him and I did my own thing and it became so stressful that it created a split in my personality.

Go on…

So, there was the normal me during the day. And the me you’re talking to right now at night.

What’s the difference?

Me during the day is… well I feel so dead. Like…

I’m not sure. You’ll have to talk to her. Or me. I dunno its really confusing! We’re basically two sides of the same coin I guess…

I see well uhm… its alright. You don’t have to talk about it anymore. Thank you for speaking with me.

Oh! Its no problem! I don’t mind at all! It’s nice to talk to you. I see you all the time but uhm… you’re usually… busy…

Ahaha… yes sorry about that.  I’m sure it makes you uncomfortable but uhm… That probably won’t happen as often.

Oh! That’s good! I mean uhm. Well not for you but uh I mean…

Its fine. Don’t worry yourself. I understand.

Thank you, Miss. Uhm…

Why do you get so many deliveries… if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m doing some research… I guess on myself you could say.

Oh uhm… okay?

It’s a crazy story. Sometime I’ll explain it to you alright?

Alright! That sounds fun! I’d love to hang out more!

I would as well.

Oh no! I got to go! I have another delivery!

That’s fine dear. Take care of yourself, Melissa.

Thank you Miss!

And then she just ran out the door in a flurry. Off to deliver another package to some other lonely soul.

She’s a nice kid… I’ll have to get a hold of her day self for an interview sometime.

I hope she does come around more. I could use some company that’s not some douche bag who I just had sex with.

So there you all go.

As usual, take care and carry on.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Strange Things I Do At 1:30 AM

Like make garlic toast.

Yes that is what I am doing right now. I can't say why passed the fact I wanted garlic toast. Sometimes I just don't question this.

I'm sitting on my loft's kitchen floor in front of my oven waiting and watching.

These quiet moments that do occasionally come up, as strange as they are.

I love these odd quiet moments. They're a blessing among the usual fanfare of life.

Because life does odd things to people.

Sometimes bad things happen in life. Sometimes good things happen in life. And almost always, in both cases we linger for a bit, but we learn to move on.

Sometimes life hands us answers. They're in neat little packages. Tied up with equations and with bows of complicated theories. An amalgamation of letters and numbers that some how help us understand the universe better.

Sometimes life makes us chase the answers. Sometimes it makes us look for them high and low. Only to find they were simple. Like leaving your glasses next to your bed. Like looking for a hat when you're wearing it.

Sometimes life throws a multitude of things at us. It makes us run about. Feel like there's some meaning to our lives we're looking for that might not be there. It brings forth a bewildering ammount of questions without answers. A series of dances which we must do. Recipes we much make our lives out to fit. Sometimes it tells us to experiment and become that square peg that oddly fits into the round hole.

And then...

Sometimes life tells us to get three basic things; such as garlic salt, bread, and butter. Delicious comforting things, and put them together... and to sit down and just wait.

Sometimes life tells us to make garlic toast.

Sometimes life tells us to enjoy little things. To enjoy the quiet.

Sometimes, dear readers.

Life just isn't as bad as we make it out to be.


Life is good.

Carry on.


Saturday, August 20, 2011


Eric. Oh, Eric.

There are not many things I am proud of... nor things I've done that are good. But those two categories overlap when it comes to Eric. My son.

It was 1848 when I was in a hospital dying of the white plague in London in a hospital. I had just jumped a body into this one and it was already dying and passed my influence to turn the tides. A young noble lady was carted in next to me suddenly in a flurry of movement.

They people attending to her said her carriage had gone off of the bridge and into a boat. She some how survived, but was badly hurt. Her husband was dead. As people rushed about I jumped out of the dying body and went to her. She was distraught... and consumed with sorrow over her husband's passing. When people are in their states like this, injured both physically and mentally. Those are the easiest to jump into. So to end her misery I jumped into her.

I lived happily in her. Went to her husbands funeral. And when people thought she was acting differently they all chalked it up to her changing after her love died. But soon I began to feel ill again. I was afraid that I had passed on my illness from one body to another and that's when I found out something very surprising.

That woman was pregnant when I lept into her. And despite all the changes in the body the child survived, and finally on a snowy night on December 14th, my Eric was born. I had never taken care of a child before. I mean, I looked after them from time to time but raising one? I had no experience... I never even had a mother or father let alone been one myself.

So I taught him to be good. I taught him to love all those love him and treat him kindly and to treat those who would treat him wrong kindly as well. I taught him languages, listened to music with him, told him grand stories, and traveled with him.

I remember he had the funniest bunny teeth and the prettiest blue eyes you would have ever seen. And his hair! Oh it was so hard to comb...

Every moment I could, I devoted to him. My darling little boy. He never questioned me. Never pointed out my odd features save for once... He

He told me one day, when we were in Italy, looking at art... he said "Mommy, you have the most beautiful eyes." I told him he had the most beautiful eyes and kissed his forehead

My wonderful boy. I watched him grow up into a kind and gentle man. Into one with many friends and many who he loved and they loved him. He became a musician, playing in an orchestra. He played beautiful music for me.

Even after I lived out that body till it crumbled around me, I watched over him as he grew older. Never being able to tell him who I was. That I was alright. That I loved him dearly.

I was his best friend who played cello in the orchestra.
I was his wife's best bridge friend.
I was the maid who watched over his children
I was the man who helped him settle his wife's will
I was the nurse who held his hand as he died...

And as my boy faded away I couldn't even tell him his mother would be waiting for him. He told me my eyes reminded him of his mother and he was so happy to look into them as he passed. I could only tell him that she loved him as did everyone who came into his life and that everything he had done was selfless and kind.

Then he was gone... and I would never see him again.

I heard it once said that its like a stone in your pocket. You notice it at first, constantly almost, but as you go about things you begin to almost forget about it. It feels lighter and eventually you hardly notice it. Occasionally though... you have to reach back into your pocket, and you feel that weight all over again.

Eric... taught me a lot of things...


I just

I just wish I didn't feel this human...

Do you all have this stone in your heart? Weighing you down?
How far can you run before the pain catches you?

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Holy fuck. HOLY FUCK.

I got so blitzed out of my mind last night I didn't post my notes.

Oh wow... yeah... wow.. Okay lets take a look at these shall we?

Okay so the cat seem significant if you believe it or not...
Not sure how or why it fits in but it does...

Oh wow I wrote sappy poetry again? Holy fuck I was really drunk... and probaby sad.

Lets see...

Oh. Eric.

Dear Eric...

I'll have to make a post about him later...


Everybody take care of yourselves...

You're all very important to me.

Really, you are.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finding Memories

A week ago I killed someone similar to me. I have to wonder... what do I really look like outside of a body? He looked like a spider, and he certainly did not go down well.

Yes I ate him. Its how the food chain works with us... also he was being a prick and rude to me. I wasn't going to have that.

And he punched me in the face...


He also almost exposed me for what I am, and I can't have that. There are many organizations that would kill me or drag me into a dark room and poke and prod at me.

Anyways, its come to my attention my memories are a bit scattered passed a couple hundred years ago. This includes what I look like outside of a body. I guess this is understandable though. Not many people remember their childhoods, but that doesn't mean I'm not curious about it.

I do occasionally yell Babylonian when angry... which can be awkward when people don't realize what you're calling them...

Anyways, right now I'm trying to remember things. Trying to find triggers to make me remember. Like yesterday, I spent most of the time reading books, looking at artifacts I get delivered.

However I'm usually despondent after a day of nothing and end up going to the bar and drinking. Which is about what I'm going to do in a few minutes.

That girl I mentioned before, who's full of energy, she often delivers them to me from a shop. Her name's Melissa. She seems like a nice girl. Just very busy all of the time. Perhaps next time I'll interview her...

That'd be nice right?

Anyways time to go drown my sorrows in liquor and hope that something might come up in my notes...

Or I'll just ramble again...

Take good care of yourselves!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Notes on Napkins

Ahahaaa what a lovely night.

This man has horrible taste in decor but at least his password is as equally as bad. Heee using your own name. You are just ASKING to be hacked.

Anyways I managed to scan this bit of notes on a napkin I had at my side all day. I hope you do enjoy them.

I'm mostly leaving them here so if I throw it away I'll have some reference to what I was thinking today.

Dat Ass is self explanatory as is nom nom nom.

The teeth? Oh well that's because mine are falling out. It happens when I jump into a new body. I grew new stronger ones.

comment about the Gualish? Hmmmm



I have to think about this.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

An Introduction to Madness

Hello! Hello!

Readers, stalkers, strange people who decide to read the tales I tell. I'll just introduce myself

I go by the moniker Mistletoe or just Miss.

My original name is in a very old language and is a bit long for modern people to have patience for. You all move so fast. I met a girl the other day who seemed to just be made out of energy. Mentioned something about blogs of people involved in the supernatural.

So I decided that, being one of said supernaturals, that perhaps I should make my own blog? It'd be good for keeping track of my thoughts, which as of late have been come a bit scattered.

I am very old and one who lives within other's bodies. My earliest memory is in Babylon as a child. Or... as one with little knowledge of the world. After that my memories are sparse up until the 1600's. Egypt is punctuated with the occasional important event. Greece is merely a blur of wine, women, and men. Rome was only made of wars for me. Passed that I have mostly fond memories in the past 200 years or so.

I just hopped into a body that is... very nice lets say. A young woman. Probably... 24 I want to say. Very attractive. Perfect for me, and when I had come to her and whispered in her ear she gave up willingly and happy that I would make use of what she wanted to leave behind.

I don't particularly enjoy jumping. I love people. I love all of the people! Where would I be without people? Very bored in a wasteland that's what!

Right now I am spending my time in New York going to clubs, drinking a lot, and attempting to find something I may have lost...

What that is I am not sure but it weighs heavily on me. It worries me.

But anyways. This blog is mostly to keep together my thoughts as I have them and some of my memories as they return to me. Probably while intoxicated like I am right now! Haha! Rum! Delicious. Mmmmm....

Thank you for reading, darlings. If you don't believe me I hold nothing against you. Not many have believed me before when they have had no experience with the supernatural.

Ta-ta for now~