Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nightmares and fever dreams

I've had a strange bout of insomnia and strange dreamy things as of late. I keep having dreams I can't remember that I wake up in cold sweats and starts from and up until now I had no idea why this was happening. I'd end up simply watching infomercials and stalking blogs in the wee hours of the morning.

Well something strange happened...

I was heading out to meet up with Melissa for ice cream at midnight when I walked passed Central Park. I glanced over at it. The leaves are rouging themselves up and its all very lovely looking when I noticed that distinct  elongated silhouette amongst the trees.

The faceless one's presence does not affect me like normal humans because I am not human nor am I that normal. My mind is structured in a way that it cannot just burrow in. This does not mean I'm not susceptible to its disturbing ways of twisting perceptions though. We usually view each-other as simply two entities cohabiting the same realm. We do not want the same things and therefore we do not usually clash.

I felt it reach out and touch the edge of my mind and it pulled forth a memory. The memory of the dream I've been having the past couple days. I took a moment to collect myself and by the time I focused back on where it had been it was gone. 

Said nightmare is strange. Its cloudy and hard to perceive...

I'm young again. My legs are short. I'm fast though despite this. I'm running along an enclosed and black place heading for a single luminous light. I can see the yellow and golden light hitting a few structures but I can't make them out. As I run I feel my legs rush against foliage and rocks. Sometimes I stumble but I keep going. I have to. And then I start feeling the nails. The nails dig into me. It feels like hundreds of hands scraping and scratching against me with thier nails. Tearing at my skin and my clothes. I can't stop though. I have to keep running. I have to. They slow me down but I managed to get to the light. Its bright and bewildering and I turn away from it and look back and then...

I can't remember.
I can't.
It was horrifying though whatever I saw. So much so I can't remember it and even the remnants of the terror I felt then wake me and tear me from sleep.

I hope I can remember that... It brings up some things I have not addressed. I don't remember most of my childhood nor how my species became so small in population.

I think I'll try and figure these out soon, as well as why the faceless one went out of its way to stir up this dream or memory.

I'm sure things will fall into place as time goes on.

As always, carry on.



  1. Miss, be careful. He may not affect you like the rest of us, but you still need to watch out. I'd hate for anything to happen to you

  2. Thank you dear. <3 I promise to take good care of myself.

  3. Watch your back Miss, TDF can't be up to anything good... take care...

  4. Hi, Miss-- I'm a lurker. Lucia by name. Pleased to finally come out of the woodwork an say hello. =)

    I figure I might be able to lend you a hand, if you need one...I'm good at analyzing dreams. If you'd like, maybe I can take a stab at sorting out one of yours?

  5. @ Not: Will do. Thank you for the concern. :)

    @ Lucia: Go right ahead. That'd be quite helpful, thank you. :D

  6. Glad to be of assistance! =D Alright, here goes:

    If it's a memory dream-- recalling more of it, even the horrifying thing, is absolutely important. If your subconscious is bringing it back up, then it's gotta be for a big reason. More so if the faceless tree man is trying to tell you the same thing, too. Remebering would probably take a lot of meditation and frustration to do it the old-fashioned human way...it may be easier for you, haha.

    If it's a figment of your subconscious-- holy night terrors. You're either running away from something really bad, or pursuing something you feel like you'll never reach. In either event, the trip's been traumatic and you feel at least a little helpless.

    That, or I'm just another quack shrink, heh. Hope it helps a bit.