Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Feel As Though I Made A Mistake

There's a reason why I never make friends with people of the mortal coil. Mainly because they always end up, well... hitting the length of their mortality. And then they're gone. It's not like in comic books where someone just shows up a few months later and everything goes back to normal. They are gone forever.

I learned this early on. I remember someone taking care of me as a child. Being kind to me and teaching me as I grew and then one day they were just gone and I was alone again like before. I was born, which in my species is not common. From my understanding and brief exchanges with others there were very few of us who could actually reproduce and I never new my parents.

Then there's Eric. Sweet Eric. He was gone as well and it seemed far too soon. I even watched over him his whole life and he was gone. Same thing happened with his children, and his chidrens' children and so forth.

Jessie. Darling Jessie is gone now as well. I don't blame anyone but the tall one fr her death but still, even when I am hit hard I don't fall. Human's are strong but they are also fragile. Mostly in the sense that what they are going up against is a monster.

Konaa faced it down like it was a dragon to be slain, but his bravery was only knocked down by a snake in a person's skin. Konaa fought hard and he fought for a long time and his bravery and determination was probably ten times that of most who I have seen try to face down the face less one. He really was like an anime character. 

But so swiftly he was taken from us, and even I feel a bit of loss because of it.

So I think of Melissa and what could become of her defying all those who wish to take her freedom from her. Just how long does she have before she's lost and I can't ever see her again?

Oh well... I'll try and find a way...

Carry on


I wish there was something I could dislike about all of you.

But there is nothing I can find.


  1. Miss....I wish I could be with you, Just be ok or I'll have to drive my ass down there right now.

  2. Oh dear. Now I have to be in even more distress so you'll come to my rescue.

  3. Don't feel badly, Miss-- 'cause even when you're a mortal, there's no guarantee that everyone around you won't die tomorrow.

    If everything's fleeting, the best you can do is get the most out of it while you have it. 'Cause thinking about the inevitable is only gonna bring you down. Enjoy the time you have with her...even if it's just a little while.

    Now if only life was like a comic book. Nobody would be gone for long.

  4. @ Lucia: And we'd all have novelty rings to which we could have large intergalactic tea-parties.

    It'd be positively lovely.

    Thank you for your kind words. They make me feel better. :)

  5. But there would be radioactive spiders running amok...

    Eh, small price to pay! Spiderman is a sissy anyway.

    You're very welcome. I'm glad I can bring a smile. =)