Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hmmm news.

So this little shit came back.

I'm just kidding. It's lovely to have Konaa back. Lia is ecstatic but unfortunately her father was caught up in a confrontation. She was very upset about it. I can't imagine it but thankfully Konaa is there to help out.

You better not die again. Or I swear I will hunt you down myself in the after life and slap the shit out of you.

In other news~ It's been winter break for Melissa. Yaaaay. She had a lovely time with her family and we had a lovely time together on New Years drinking champagne and passing out before midnight.

Anyways, I think I may have remembered hte location of that dream from far back. I remember it being in gardens. But it was obviously in the desert. Perhaps Assyria or Babylon?

I would have just been a child if I recall correctly. In Greece I was a teenager at least in a mature sense. It's hard to tell though. I drank a lot of wine back then and had many men and women around.

Well I hope I do remember more.

In the mean time I hope you all take care.

Carry On.


  1. If I die, you can have my body. How about that?

    ...Wow, that was the worst thing I've ever typed. *headdesk*

    1. I would use it well. Probably for sex with hookers and lots of cocaine and illicit activities.

      You know... what a true friend would do with your body if they could use it.


    2. Can you take pictures, if you use the body that way?