Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sad Face

So Jessie left today. Poor girl, she's been so wonderful.

She made me cookies that I'm eating right now on my floor watching kitten videos.

Jessie's done so good and I'm happy to see her smiling more. I can only wish her the best on her travels. She's been wonderful.

Jessie you are welcome to come back any time you need to unless I am otherwise indisposed.

It's strange you know? I have to kill humans to survive. I have to steal their lives away and yet I cannot live without them. I need them to not feel alone. Feeling alone is my worst feeling. I feel like a gerbil and if I get lonely I'll die or something.

I'm going to go out tonight and trying to remember things. Trying to not feel sick when I looking in their eyes.

Their eyes are so empty. Those men and women.

But I need this. I need something. Even if it hurts I need to feel like there is someone around.

I don't know what I'm looking for anymore. I need something more. I need someone more.


We will see if I will find that.

For now having friends like Jessie and Melissa is enough.

Carry On.



  1. Miss, maybe you should be staying in. Call Melissa, see if she'll come keep you company.

  2. I ended up going out for only an hour before coming back and flopping onto my couch.

    I ended up calling up Melissa anyways.

    She said she loved your cookies.