Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner's Napkin Notes

You know what I love?

When I remember things.

Ahaha I remember now. I remember many many things now.

I will explain these later at the appropriate time.

Otherwise I have some people to talk to. I have old flames I need to quell before I can move on with things. A sort of goal to meet. A prize to obtain, if you will. And I hope it will be satisfying.

Hitting up bars just isn't doing it for me anymore, if you haven't noticed. Its just boring now. I need more than just a normal person to satiate me. Its just not the same. So I guess I should kill two birds with one stone and send out a proposition while I'm still in the mood.

I believe Sellers and I should get into contact with each other. I believe I have something... well actually a few things you would want, darling. Information and lets say... company.

So whenever you can, no rush, I suggest you stop by New York and pay me a visit so we can get to know each other a little better and hopefully get a little help with your predicament.


Carry on