Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ohmygawd I love you rum

Heee oh rum. Rum rum ruuum.

Oh man Jessie says I shouldnt post but I wanna. So I am. What now huh?

Sorry sorry I love you, Jessie. Love love love. Wanna know who else I...

well not love but there's someone else I really like. Wanna know? Eh? Eeeeh? Well too bad. I'm not tellin you.


Oh man I wish hethey were here. The things I would do tothim. ahaha oh dear. Sometimes i wonderabout myself oh wellll

I lov eyou guys.

Aaaugh oh man. I would fuck you in a heart beat


Anywaaays. At least I'm happy riiight? Jessie's a bit better hmmm. Thats good. she's so sweet so kind
such agood girl. I only hope I am making her hapy

Time for me to sleep. Sleepety sleeep

carry On



  1. We love you too dear. Thank god you're going to sleep before you make yourself look silly. XD

  2. I always look silly whatchu talkin abut

    I wear a policmanshat mot of the time ;D Thank ya darlin.

    You're great.

  3. oh. well then. continue on. ^_^

  4. Ahaha... apparently!

    Sellers, you should just um...

    You know

    Ignore this whole post.

    Yes. Ignore it.

    Yeah. It most definitely has nothing to do with you.


  5. Oh my god please just ignore me. I'm being so stupid right now.

    I'm just flustered and

    you make me f

    anyways ignore me please!

  6. Miss. What'd I tell you. I warned you that you'd regret it if you posted...