Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Interview With A Delivery Girl

I finally sat down with the delivery girl, Melissa, that I see often and asked her some questions. She said her favorite color was purple and thus her text will be said color

How old are you?

I’m freshly turned 20. Just a week ago!

Do you have any family?

Yeah. I have my mom and my dad and a mess of cousins and aunts and uncles. My grandmamma passed away a few years ago though…

That’s a shame. Do you live with them at all?

Nope! I’m all on my own right now! Got  a nice little apartment. They help me with rent and stuff but I also pay for a part of it.

Are you working or in school right now?

I’m doing both! I do classes during the day. I’m doing mostly general education right now. I’m not exactly sure what I want to go into but I like history a lot! I think it’d be fun. 

And at night I do a lot of odd jobs. There are a couple restaurant I help clean up an close, the antique shop of course which you see me delivering for, and a paper route every couple of days.

How’d you come to work at the antiques shop?

My grandmother knew the owner and some antiques and books are really fragile, so they don’t like having postal companies deliver if they’re local. So they hired me. I’m pretty good at getting around the city really fast!

How many deliveries do you make a night?

Well I work periodically every Monday, Wednsday, and Friday I deliver and usually I end up in nearly every part of the city at some point when doing so. Sometimes I use the subway and sometimes I use… uh… other ways.


Oh uhm… I do this thing called uh. I think they call it free running or parkour… I was on the track team in high school and did really really good. Like, that’s how I got my scholarship to my school! Well I like it. It keeps me in shape and you get to see a lot of the city other people don’t.

What kinds of hobbies do you have?

Well I read a lot. I tried knitting but uhm… that didn’t work out.  Ha ha…

What kinds of genres do you like?

Oh I love action, and adventure, and fantasy! Sometimes scifi! I really like stories with heroes! Its hard to find them in real life you know? Not a lot of theme exist…

Do you have a blog?

Nope! I’m too busy to maintain one unfortunately! I read them from time to time though.

How long have you read the blogs?

Only a couple months now. Another uh… affected person mentioned them. So I decided to go check them out. Its crazy what this has done to some people!

When did this all start for you?

I want to say… a year or two ago?

How did your first meeting with the faceless one happen?

I’m not sure what caused it… but a friend of mine was talking about a guy in a business suit stalking her.  She was really scared! But then I started getting glimpses of him from time to time, finally one night I was heading downstairs for a midnight snack when I looked out one of our windows and there he was… just… standing there…

What kind of effects or symptoms did you have?

Oh uhm… well first I was just sick from time to time. I had a cough but it went away. Then eventually I got headaches and I started losing patches in my memory. I started to get really fatigued too. Like I kept having weird dreams about running around and doing stuff and I’d wake up sore and tired.

Eventually I found out what was happening…

And what was that?

He was taking control of me at night. Telling me to do stuff, run here, run there but then I started to break away from him and I did my own thing and it became so stressful that it created a split in my personality.

Go on…

So, there was the normal me during the day. And the me you’re talking to right now at night.

What’s the difference?

Me during the day is… well I feel so dead. Like…

I’m not sure. You’ll have to talk to her. Or me. I dunno its really confusing! We’re basically two sides of the same coin I guess…

I see well uhm… its alright. You don’t have to talk about it anymore. Thank you for speaking with me.

Oh! Its no problem! I don’t mind at all! It’s nice to talk to you. I see you all the time but uhm… you’re usually… busy…

Ahaha… yes sorry about that.  I’m sure it makes you uncomfortable but uhm… That probably won’t happen as often.

Oh! That’s good! I mean uhm. Well not for you but uh I mean…

Its fine. Don’t worry yourself. I understand.

Thank you, Miss. Uhm…

Why do you get so many deliveries… if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m doing some research… I guess on myself you could say.

Oh uhm… okay?

It’s a crazy story. Sometime I’ll explain it to you alright?

Alright! That sounds fun! I’d love to hang out more!

I would as well.

Oh no! I got to go! I have another delivery!

That’s fine dear. Take care of yourself, Melissa.

Thank you Miss!

And then she just ran out the door in a flurry. Off to deliver another package to some other lonely soul.

She’s a nice kid… I’ll have to get a hold of her day self for an interview sometime.

I hope she does come around more. I could use some company that’s not some douche bag who I just had sex with.

So there you all go.

As usual, take care and carry on.



  1. Aww, Miss. I'm sorry you're so lonely. Maybe we'll come see you sometime? If you'd like?

  2. That sounds lovely, dear. And the loneliness is alright. It's just so... boring sometimes.

    I think I may have an attention span problem. Ha ha.

    Thank you for the support. <3

  3. Okay! I'll ask Damon and Penny and talk to Brandon.

    Hopefully we can help alleviate the boredom. And I'm here to help, anytime.