Monday, August 22, 2011

Strange Things I Do At 1:30 AM

Like make garlic toast.

Yes that is what I am doing right now. I can't say why passed the fact I wanted garlic toast. Sometimes I just don't question this.

I'm sitting on my loft's kitchen floor in front of my oven waiting and watching.

These quiet moments that do occasionally come up, as strange as they are.

I love these odd quiet moments. They're a blessing among the usual fanfare of life.

Because life does odd things to people.

Sometimes bad things happen in life. Sometimes good things happen in life. And almost always, in both cases we linger for a bit, but we learn to move on.

Sometimes life hands us answers. They're in neat little packages. Tied up with equations and with bows of complicated theories. An amalgamation of letters and numbers that some how help us understand the universe better.

Sometimes life makes us chase the answers. Sometimes it makes us look for them high and low. Only to find they were simple. Like leaving your glasses next to your bed. Like looking for a hat when you're wearing it.

Sometimes life throws a multitude of things at us. It makes us run about. Feel like there's some meaning to our lives we're looking for that might not be there. It brings forth a bewildering ammount of questions without answers. A series of dances which we must do. Recipes we much make our lives out to fit. Sometimes it tells us to experiment and become that square peg that oddly fits into the round hole.

And then...

Sometimes life tells us to get three basic things; such as garlic salt, bread, and butter. Delicious comforting things, and put them together... and to sit down and just wait.

Sometimes life tells us to make garlic toast.

Sometimes life tells us to enjoy little things. To enjoy the quiet.

Sometimes, dear readers.

Life just isn't as bad as we make it out to be.


Life is good.

Carry on.



  1. That's beautiful, Miss. Thank you.

  2. Ahaha. You're more than welcome dear. I'm just glad my pretending to be more important than I really am has made you feel better.

    Take care, dear.

  3. I Agree full hardly enjoy the little things.