Thursday, August 18, 2011


Holy fuck. HOLY FUCK.

I got so blitzed out of my mind last night I didn't post my notes.

Oh wow... yeah... wow.. Okay lets take a look at these shall we?

Okay so the cat seem significant if you believe it or not...
Not sure how or why it fits in but it does...

Oh wow I wrote sappy poetry again? Holy fuck I was really drunk... and probaby sad.

Lets see...

Oh. Eric.

Dear Eric...

I'll have to make a post about him later...


Everybody take care of yourselves...

You're all very important to me.

Really, you are.


  1. I'm sorry, Miss. For whatever happened with Eric.

  2. @Jessie: Thank you, sweetheart. I'll tell his tale soon. <3

    @Sellers: Oh yes. All the fun in the world is had when you drink yourself into oblivion and write sappy love poetry.

  3. Yeah, I've done that one too. Usually doesn't end well...

  4. Ahaha...
    Just look at that though. That is the worst thing I have ever written.
    What is that even?

    I don't know. Drunk logic isn't the best logic.