Sunday, August 14, 2011

An Introduction to Madness

Hello! Hello!

Readers, stalkers, strange people who decide to read the tales I tell. I'll just introduce myself

I go by the moniker Mistletoe or just Miss.

My original name is in a very old language and is a bit long for modern people to have patience for. You all move so fast. I met a girl the other day who seemed to just be made out of energy. Mentioned something about blogs of people involved in the supernatural.

So I decided that, being one of said supernaturals, that perhaps I should make my own blog? It'd be good for keeping track of my thoughts, which as of late have been come a bit scattered.

I am very old and one who lives within other's bodies. My earliest memory is in Babylon as a child. Or... as one with little knowledge of the world. After that my memories are sparse up until the 1600's. Egypt is punctuated with the occasional important event. Greece is merely a blur of wine, women, and men. Rome was only made of wars for me. Passed that I have mostly fond memories in the past 200 years or so.

I just hopped into a body that is... very nice lets say. A young woman. Probably... 24 I want to say. Very attractive. Perfect for me, and when I had come to her and whispered in her ear she gave up willingly and happy that I would make use of what she wanted to leave behind.

I don't particularly enjoy jumping. I love people. I love all of the people! Where would I be without people? Very bored in a wasteland that's what!

Right now I am spending my time in New York going to clubs, drinking a lot, and attempting to find something I may have lost...

What that is I am not sure but it weighs heavily on me. It worries me.

But anyways. This blog is mostly to keep together my thoughts as I have them and some of my memories as they return to me. Probably while intoxicated like I am right now! Haha! Rum! Delicious. Mmmmm....

Thank you for reading, darlings. If you don't believe me I hold nothing against you. Not many have believed me before when they have had no experience with the supernatural.

Ta-ta for now~



  1. Not sure if your very drunk,insane, or after what iv seen in the last few months telling the truth. All these options concern me....

  2. I believe I am all of those things darling.
    Drunk? Definitely. My evidence is the three empty rum bottles.

    Insane? Well this is easily proven.

    Telling the Truth? Ooooh yesss. However, this is a bit harder to prove for the next couple weeks.

  3. Miss iv been attacked by a dude that docent die when shot, I dont find it too hard to believe you.

  4. I knew I liked you for a reason. ;)

  5. The Mad Ventriloquist is very pleased to Mistletoe.

    Rum is very good.