Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finding Memories

A week ago I killed someone similar to me. I have to wonder... what do I really look like outside of a body? He looked like a spider, and he certainly did not go down well.

Yes I ate him. Its how the food chain works with us... also he was being a prick and rude to me. I wasn't going to have that.

And he punched me in the face...


He also almost exposed me for what I am, and I can't have that. There are many organizations that would kill me or drag me into a dark room and poke and prod at me.

Anyways, its come to my attention my memories are a bit scattered passed a couple hundred years ago. This includes what I look like outside of a body. I guess this is understandable though. Not many people remember their childhoods, but that doesn't mean I'm not curious about it.

I do occasionally yell Babylonian when angry... which can be awkward when people don't realize what you're calling them...

Anyways, right now I'm trying to remember things. Trying to find triggers to make me remember. Like yesterday, I spent most of the time reading books, looking at artifacts I get delivered.

However I'm usually despondent after a day of nothing and end up going to the bar and drinking. Which is about what I'm going to do in a few minutes.

That girl I mentioned before, who's full of energy, she often delivers them to me from a shop. Her name's Melissa. She seems like a nice girl. Just very busy all of the time. Perhaps next time I'll interview her...

That'd be nice right?

Anyways time to go drown my sorrows in liquor and hope that something might come up in my notes...

Or I'll just ramble again...

Take good care of yourselves!



  1. Um. Be careful.
    I hope you find what you're looking for.

  2. Thank you, dear. I do hope you are safe. <3

  3. You ate him........I've herd everything now.

  4. Ahaha! Well not the body he inhabited...

    That would be disgusting...